Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Three Short Sales Miami

Having just mentioned the short sale and foreclosure market I realized what could be better than to show a few examples and here they are from top to bottom.

From high end to a rather pleasant surprise of a decent property under $300K.  All these homes are in the prestigious 33143 area code in Miami.  Let's begin with the first a 4 bedroom, 3 bath home for $999,000. It's a beautiful property, very contemporary and as you can see has a great pool for entertaining. The second is a 3 bedroom, 2 bath in the great neighborhood of High Pines. It sits on a corner lot with an enclosed pool listed at $649,000. It does need work but you're getting into one of the best, if not the best family neighborhoods in all of Miami Dade County. The last but certainly not least is this cute little charmer just West of the Palmetto Expressway in a great central location. It's a 3 bedroom, l bath listed at $224,900 this home could be painted and cleaned up and then move right in.  Interested give me a call, lets talk - 305-444-7111.

Short Sales, Foreclosures Miami

For those out there looking for that steal of a deal I know you are looking at short sells and foreclosures. Good, you may just find a great home at a great price. Another little bit of information, the robo-signing deal with the government means we are now going to see more homes become available. And better yet, everyone is finally getting schooled on how to handle these properties. In the beginning know one knew anything about how to handle these properties.  It seemed like overnight we were burdened with an avalanche of properties that not only agents but banks had no clue how to move them from the market. Banks didn't want to deal and owners desperately wanted to keep their homes. The foreclosure process dragged on and on. Judges allowed owners to stay in homes not paying mortgages for years on end.  That has ended. Solutions have also been put forth to help many ailing homeowners exist this situation with some shred of decency.  Some very important advice for home owners and buyers in this situation, use a CDPE Agent.  The CDPE stands for "Certified Distressed Property Expert". An agent that has gone the extra step to learn the short sale and foreclosure process. The in's, the out's the up's and down's to get you into that home. Someone to steer you through what can be at times a frustrating process. You've found that agent, not only do I have the full confidence of the RE/MAX brand,  I also have my CDPE and can help you sell that property and get you into that home. Call me, let's talk 305-444-7111.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Over The Top Bedroom in Mumbia, India

What a great room!  Honey could you get me a glass of wine while I relax in luxury. Is this over the top or what? This is a hotel room at the Taj Mahal Palace in Mumbia, India. The coffered ceiling the outstanding combination of prints against an all white background, BEAUTIFUL. This could be done on a slightly smaller scale and maybe a little toned down for your own bedroom. And credit where credit is due -

Does This PreApproval Make Me Look Good?

Yes, is makes you look fabulous, it makes you look smart, you are smoking hot! Okay a little to much, but yes you buyers, a preapproval is not just a necessity it's mandatory in today's market. And no it's not just for me it's for you. You need to know what you can and can't afford. It positions you to make the right decisions regarding purchasing your home and what kind of financing you should be looking at. There are many options regarding the financing of your property and you need to research, research, research.  Of course if you have a great real estate agent they can help too. Different mortgage brokers, banks and credit unions charge different fees. I recently had a client that was smart and did his homework. He was given quotes of closing cost from $17,000 and settled with a company that offered him $14,000. Now I don't know about you but saving $3000 on your purchase is huge.  So the next time your agent asked you "Are you preapproved?"  Don't be offended.  It only means they are trying to help you get the home you want for a price you can afford.  So if you're in Miami and need help finding that great home and want to know what you can buy, give me a call. I work for the best real estate company in the world and of course that would be RE/MAX Advance in South Miami (305-444-7111) just ask for Libby.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

What? A Shortage of Homes in Miami!

Just a little information for those in the Miami market. We seem to be having somewhat of a shortage of homes and condos on the market. What?? Really! YES! Will they be coming back soon? Well maybe.  We know that short sales and foreclosures are not done yet so those will be appearing, we just don't know when and how many and how much. But currently we are experiencing a shortage of decent homes under the $350K mark and forget $300K those days are gone. For those clients of mine and you know who you are, you missed out. I talked until I was blue in the face and now those houses are gone but hey at least you still have low interest rates. In my little corner of Miami affectionately know as High Pines, two years ago you could have actually bought a decent home under $400K, no more.  So those of you sitting on the fence thinking that those really great areas of Miami are going down wake up, get up and contact an agent, preferably me but really now is the time  - What could you possibly be waiting for. Call me, ring me up and let me help.
I love bathrooms, small little spaces to enormous caverns. This is one that fits in between but what a beauty. Credit goes to for the gorgeous picture.

Monday, June 11, 2012

The Miami Real Estate Muse Kick-Off

Well lets get started.  Wanted to do this for quite some time but as everyone knows the things you really want to do get put on the back burner. Now full steam ahead. This is not just about the wonderful South Florida Real Estate Market. This is going to be as diverse as Miami itself.  Anything and everything that relates to real estate will be here. Real estate is my first love but I've had a long term affair with interior design and that will be a major contributor of my ramblings.  And how can you have a blog about Miami and not talk of the wonderful things happening here, you can't! So you will also here about events, new restaurants (some reviews) and just the comings and goings of this great, quirky and sometimes outrageous city. Those of us who are lucky enough to live here know that it's not just one place it's a mixture of municipalities that form all of Miami Dade County.  The adorable City of South Miami, glamorous Coral Gables, laid back Coconut Grove, sophisticated Brickell and the suburbs of Pinecrest, Kendall and Palmetto Bay. Since this is where I primarily work, these are the areas you are going to here about. So keep coming back and if I can help you in your real estate dreams, drop me a line, let's talk.