Friday, December 28, 2012


Here we are at the end of another year and ready to move forward in 2013. Get it move forward.  Okay not the best joker but I am a great real estate agent here to give you some really good tips for selling your home in 2013. I know many of you are looking to upgrade, relocate, downsize and for whatever reason you're ready to sell that home and move on. So how do you make your home stand out?  What can you do to make this process quick and financially successful for you? 
The condition of your home is crucial and can make or break the sell. When your home is going through the inspection process you want that inspector to give you a glowing report. It would be worth the time and money to have your own done.  Once you know what needs to be done, correct it! Have your agent post this as an attachment to the MLS to help lure in those buyers. They are still going to inspect but at least you've done your homework and made your house a standout.
Speaking of standout; make your home a welcome retreat. Start by painting that front door some beautiful stand out color.  Red's always great and a black door is commanding. Choose a color that works with your exterior and get the curb appeal going. Speaking of curb appeal; mow the lawn, add flowers and shrubs, mulch the beds and keep the sidewalks and driveway clean.
Declutter all the closets, kitchen cabinets and garage. If you have to rent storage do so. Buyers want to know they have plenty of space for their stuff and nothing looks better to the eye than a organized well kept home.
If you can change the fixtures in the bath and kitchen. New sparkly faucets look great and are an inexpensive upgrade that most homeowners can do themselves.  Consider adding those granite countertops that so many Buyers want, it's not as expensive as you think and you will get the return when you sell.
Something most of us have a hard time doing is pricing our home to sell. Check the comparables in your area against what your home offers. Get real with the true pricing and you will sell quickly. Know your competition and price accordingly. Another tidbit that may surprise many, give access to your house. Yes it's simple but if you do not let your agent show and show often you're making the home difficult to sell. The more Buyers that see you house the more chances you have of selling.

So that's it! And if you want help selling your home in Miami give me a call, I love what I do and can help you achieve your real estate goals. CALL ME Libby 305-799-6877

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