Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Sellers Great Way To Welcome Buyers

This just says come right in and relax. Blue is such a calming color and says welcome.  Just find a great blue paint that you like and do one wall. Find a thrift shop cabinet and replicate the color above and "Wala" you have a beautiful entry. Keep the details simple, stacked books a select few decorative items.

Are you more the traditionalist?  Then try this look. It's been given an eclectic twist with the Starburst Chandelier and the great leopard print rug. The antique armoire gives that homey feel. Who wouldn't feel welcome in this house?

Grey, calming but yet with a modern edge. The high gloss white mirror and beaded chandelier look fabulous. The antiqued grey console with the matching lamps finishes the look.

Sellers, these are just a few good ideas to welcome Buyers into your home. All these images are courtesy of It's my go to site for anything design for your home, interior or exterior. Make you home welcoming and see the offers come in.


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