Saturday, January 5, 2013

What's My Home Worth??

"A funny thing happens in real estate. When it comes back, it comes back gangbusters."
                                                                                                     Barbara Corcoran
There are many ways to find out what your home is really worth. Some are free and some you'll have to pay for. One easy way is to contract several Realtors that work in your area and ask for a CMA or Comparable Market Analysis. They will bring the most current sales along with the current listings to give you an idea what your home might sell for. In most states you could do this on your own by checking the "Property Appraisers" website for your county. I'm in Miami Dade and it's extremely simple to go to the appraisers site to see what has sold, when it sold and what it sold for. That's great information.
Depending on why you need to know "What Your Home Is Worth" you may want to consider the professional advice of an appraiser. This could be money well spent. The skills and tools that an appraiser uses to formulate the value of your property are more detailed and accurate than a CMA. 
For the most basic of findings you can use the many websites that offer calculations based on their sources. Sites such as Zillow with their z-estimate, Trulia and maybe worth looking if you just need a general idea.

If you need that question answered and you live in Miami, give me a call and I'll help in determining your value.

Tip:  Price per square foot is the Holy Grail for estimating real estate values. There are other factors but in the end it comes down to square footage.

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