Saturday, June 16, 2012

Does This PreApproval Make Me Look Good?

Yes, is makes you look fabulous, it makes you look smart, you are smoking hot! Okay a little to much, but yes you buyers, a preapproval is not just a necessity it's mandatory in today's market. And no it's not just for me it's for you. You need to know what you can and can't afford. It positions you to make the right decisions regarding purchasing your home and what kind of financing you should be looking at. There are many options regarding the financing of your property and you need to research, research, research.  Of course if you have a great real estate agent they can help too. Different mortgage brokers, banks and credit unions charge different fees. I recently had a client that was smart and did his homework. He was given quotes of closing cost from $17,000 and settled with a company that offered him $14,000. Now I don't know about you but saving $3000 on your purchase is huge.  So the next time your agent asked you "Are you preapproved?"  Don't be offended.  It only means they are trying to help you get the home you want for a price you can afford.  So if you're in Miami and need help finding that great home and want to know what you can buy, give me a call. I work for the best real estate company in the world and of course that would be RE/MAX Advance in South Miami (305-444-7111) just ask for Libby.

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