Wednesday, June 13, 2012

What? A Shortage of Homes in Miami!

Just a little information for those in the Miami market. We seem to be having somewhat of a shortage of homes and condos on the market. What?? Really! YES! Will they be coming back soon? Well maybe.  We know that short sales and foreclosures are not done yet so those will be appearing, we just don't know when and how many and how much. But currently we are experiencing a shortage of decent homes under the $350K mark and forget $300K those days are gone. For those clients of mine and you know who you are, you missed out. I talked until I was blue in the face and now those houses are gone but hey at least you still have low interest rates. In my little corner of Miami affectionately know as High Pines, two years ago you could have actually bought a decent home under $400K, no more.  So those of you sitting on the fence thinking that those really great areas of Miami are going down wake up, get up and contact an agent, preferably me but really now is the time  - What could you possibly be waiting for. Call me, ring me up and let me help.

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