Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Short Sales, Foreclosures Miami

For those out there looking for that steal of a deal I know you are looking at short sells and foreclosures. Good, you may just find a great home at a great price. Another little bit of information, the robo-signing deal with the government means we are now going to see more homes become available. And better yet, everyone is finally getting schooled on how to handle these properties. In the beginning know one knew anything about how to handle these properties.  It seemed like overnight we were burdened with an avalanche of properties that not only agents but banks had no clue how to move them from the market. Banks didn't want to deal and owners desperately wanted to keep their homes. The foreclosure process dragged on and on. Judges allowed owners to stay in homes not paying mortgages for years on end.  That has ended. Solutions have also been put forth to help many ailing homeowners exist this situation with some shred of decency.  Some very important advice for home owners and buyers in this situation, use a CDPE Agent.  The CDPE stands for "Certified Distressed Property Expert". An agent that has gone the extra step to learn the short sale and foreclosure process. The in's, the out's the up's and down's to get you into that home. Someone to steer you through what can be at times a frustrating process. You've found that agent, not only do I have the full confidence of the RE/MAX brand,  I also have my CDPE and can help you sell that property and get you into that home. Call me, let's talk 305-444-7111.

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